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Galway Festival of Lights


ICSC proudly presently Galway Festival of Lights, so called popularly Diwali or Deepavali to People of Galway. Diwali means row of Diyas (lights), celebrated with Lakshmi Puja. Diwali is the largely and biggest Indian get-together in the history of Galway, attended by more than 400 people, not only people from Galway County but people from surrounding counties and as far as Dublin. Diwali is a true representation of Indian culture, tradition and food to the people of Galway. Back home, Diwali is celebrated with fire crackers and huge shopping spree along with Lakshmi (Goddess of Richness and Prosperity) puja. Diwali is 5 hour long festival represented by Galway Local authority and people representatives like TD, Counsellors and the Mayor and Faculty in NUI-Galway. People from various walks of life take part in the Festival happens usually during the period of October/November every year. Diwali attracts huge attention of the wider community and people across Ireland and gathering usually annually in Leisureland sports complex in Salthill, central to Galway City.

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Vinayaka Chaturthi - Celebrating the birth of Ganesha

Ganesha Puja

A puja is a spiritual rituals performed every year to the Lord Ganesh. ICSC brought this for first time to Galway and which occurs every year around end of August or first week of September. Lord Ganesh is prayed in India and across the globe for removal of obstacles before any major event at home or outside. Puja is specially performed by a Priest comes from Indian Vinayak Temple (IVT- Dublin) with many devotees, who brings flowers, garlands, specially homemade Vegetarian Prasad (food offering). Children, Men and Women & families perform puja with the help of Priest and idols specially brought from India on that auspicious day from Dublin to Galway.

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Dandiya in galway

Durga Puja (Garbha or Kolatam)

Durga Puja, show case of folk dance of greatest Indian tradition practised over 1000s of years across length and breadth of India. Community comes together to take part in the dance (which requires no previous experience) using two sticks going around circles. Dandiya usually falls in the month of October coincides with Devi Navratri (or Dusshara) celebrated in India. ICSC is celebrating Dandiya and proudly presenting with grand success each year brings people from many cultures together not only people with Indian background. Dandiya is usually started with prayer to Durga Matadi, who is sign of success over the evil.

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independence day in galway

Indian National Independence Day

Like Ireland, India had been colonized by British for many years and due to sacrifices by many freedom fighters and Satyagraha (Non Violence movement) lead by Mahatma Gandhi, India achieved independence and formed as Republic thereafter on 15th August in 1947. ICSC greatly remembers the non-violence movement spread across the globe by Gandhi and then sacrifices by many others, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey, Nethaji, Jhansi Laxmi Bhai, naming few. We have our children wears consumes similar to Independent fighters and people follow singing patriotic songs to India.

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St. Patricks day

St. Patricks Festival

ICSC gets connected with City & County Council to take part in the parade falls on every year 17th March. We have our children, Men and women of our community takes part every year’s festival, which is a great sign being integrated with Irish society. Huge energy and participation makes the festival more entertaining, includes Indian women costumes, Men’s spear wear, Children showing the Great Indian Cricket. We have received great appreciation both from People of Galway and the Festival Organizers, Galway weather is usually a big challenge for most of us who came from mostly tropical weather but nevertheless, ICSC have never upset in terms of participation and well received audience.

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A Truly Festival of Colours

Holi & Indian Regional New Years

Among with Lunar Calendar New year falls usually in March-April as a different day in different parts of India, (As India has many cultures, traditions, calendars and languages, these festival dates slightly vary in different parts), ICSC grandly celebrates along with Holi- An International Festival of Colours in Galway. The community members plays with colours and apply the colours among themselves without any age & gender restrictions, food follows during the celebration. Many activities for children are organized most of the afternoon/evening and prizes given to the children to encourage their young talent.

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Summer Outing

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One dish party

Monthly Community Gatherings

Apart from the above gatherings, happens chronologically throughout the year, ICSC also organizes informal get-togethers where the food is main showcase, apart from integrating and networking among new people coming to Galway with people already living here for many years and made Galway as their new home. Potlucks happen first week of most of the months.

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Annual General Meeting


Annual General Meeting (AGM) happens every year, elects new Executive Committee body by the Community. A detailed financial & event report is presented to the Community usually ends by the food brought by the community. A democratically elected body takes over every year and gets ideas from the community on how to improve the celebrations and what they are going to bring to the Executive Committee and work closely with every community member.